707-723 Main Street (previously known as 752 Marine Drive/old White Spot site)

Council’s Strategic Goals         

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Summer Newsletter

Dear ADRA Member,
A lot has been happening in our beautiful community of late!  It has been announced that the Taylorwood project for the Cedardale neighbourhood has been stopped: a project of 390 units proposed in an area without any neighbourhood consultation or Local Area Plan.  We hear  the Attorney General of BC is taking action against the The District of West Vancouver over its plans for Brissenden Park.  Protests continue with the Save the Five Creeks group.  These are a few examples of hot topics! 

  • One thing has become evident since the B-Line matter came forward late last November is that there is a very high and keen interest by West Vancouver citizens in their community.  Many long time residents and community activists state they have not seen anything like it! 
  •  A new community group has been formed, the West Vancouver Community Stakeholders, active on many issues and levels of involvement.   
  •  Your ADRA Board members have been very active since their election in February.  Board members attend  Council meetings, Community Engagement Committee and Neighbourhood Character Working Group meetings and at times, Design Review Committee and other such groups.   
  •  We have met with each Councillor on an individual basis and the Director of Planning, Jim Bailey.  In the fall, we will be meeting with Mayor Booth and other District staff relating to Finance, Engineering and Arts & Culture.

 Here is a brief summary of additional ADRA Board involvement:
 2195 Gordon Avenue
Meetings with District staff were held to work on developing alternate uses to this unique and valuable piece of property.  ADRA position was to have more than one proposal for 2195 Gordon Avenue.  To date the District is focusing on providing below market housing for middle income earners.

 752 Marine Drive, now known as 707 Main Street (White Spot site)
ADRA Board members attended a Park Royal presentation on the proposed application to add 5 more storeys to each of the two buildings.  Concern is that while providing rental units, this will set a poor precedent for future development proposals in that developers would go back to Council for additional density once the project is approved.

1552 Esquimalt
This project is coming forward with the next information session on July 23rd. (Notice has been sent).  The Local Area Plan has not been developed for this area.  There will be some Community Amenity Contributions but lower for a rental building than if a condo complex.  There are a number of concerns with neighbours and ADRA will continue to monitor and attend the meetings.

Jefferson Avenue
ADRA Board worked with this group in their successful efforts to stop this project going forward where two single family lots would have been converted into 26 units with underground parking.  A Local Area Plan that incorporates neighbourhood character is needed before such substantial changes made.

Arts & Culture/Proposed Arts Centre
An ADRA Board member is assigned to follow this matter and keep ADRA membership up to date.  The District of West Vancouver is currently looking for an appropriate location for the Arts Centre.  ADRA is concerned with not only the location but also the financial equation attached to the Arts Centre.

Coalition of Neighbourhood Associations
On June 25th, ADRA hosted a BBQ at the Hollyburn Sailing Club for members of various neighbourhood associations in West Vancouver, including the Western Residents Association, the British Properties Homeowners Association, Jefferson Avenue Group, and Save The Five Creeks (which are now part of West Vancouver Community Stakeholders).  Approximately 35 guests attended.  ADRA will be organizing a meeting in September to continue networking and building stronger ties with other citizen’s groups, to help address issues in common.

 I must say that for the $10 membership fee you get high value for your dollar.  Every ADRA board member puts in many hours of volunteer time on behalf of  our community.  We come from varied backgrounds, represent  single family homeowners, condo owners, renters and business interests.  The Board works hard but also finds time to have a bit of fun.

 On July 14th the ADRA Board participated in the Mayor’s Lawn Bowling Tournament to help the West Vancouver Foundation celebrate 40 years in the community.  While we didn’t take first place, we held our own on the greens with Graham McIsaac, Nigel Malkin, Neil Carroll, Judy Chalmers, Sandi Leidl and Heather Mersey giving their best bowls!

The last Council meeting
is on July 22nd, with another full agenda. Please check the District of West Vancouver website for full agenda details.

 We will be resuming at full speed in the fall.  Please send your comments and feedback to us at

Have a great summer!

Heather Mersey, President
Ambleside & Dundarave Ratepayers Association

Taylorwood Place Proposed Redevelopment

A request to proceed with an OCP Amendment and Rezoning Application in advance of the Taylor Way Corridor Local Area Plan at the NE corner of Taylor Way and Keith Road.  The proposal is for 390 housing units with up to 195 lockup suites in five – 6 storey towers to replace some 21 single family homes. THIS HAS BEEN DEFERRED.

Staff report to council:

1552 Esquimalt Avenue Proposed Rezoning

The Proposal Wall Financial Corporation has submitted a rezoning and development permit application for an infill rental development at 1552 Esquimalt Avenue. The proposal includes a new 17-storey residential tower and 20 townhomes. The existing 185-unit rental building on the property will be retained as part of the proposal. COMES TO COUNCIL ON JULY 22.
For further information, click on the link:

2210-2216 Jefferson Avenue infill townhouses