New Mayor and Council

Congratulations to the election of our new Mayor and Council:

MAYOR: Mark Sager

COUNCIL:   Christine Cassidy, Nora Gambioli, Peter Lambur, Scott Snider, Sharon Thompson, Linda Watt.

The Inaugural Council Meeting takes place on November 7th.  ADRA Directors look forward to working with our newly elected officials over the next four years.


ADRA would also like to salute the contribution to our community over the past 26 years by Councillor Bill Soprovich.  Bill was elected for eight consecutive terms, the longest serving Councillor for West Vancouver.  Bill is well known in the community as a “man of the people”.

Bill would go out to look at every project or land development site and meet with those concerned.  ADRA looks forward to keeping in touch with Bill as a very valuable community resource person going forward.  THANK YOU, BILL, for all that you have given to West Vancouver!