Inglewood Campus to Add 120 Long-Term-Care Suites

Baptist Housing announced (press release March 22nd) that existing plans for the Inglewood Campus would be upgraded by adding 120 Long-Term-Care (LTC) units to building #3 in their development complex between Taylor Way and Burley Dr..

In a release addressing a concern of many West Van residents – i.e. the recent closure of two care homes, Baptist say :

“Last year’s closure of 75 West Van Care Centre beds and 205 Capilano Care Centre beds leaves Inglewood as the last government funded long term care community in West Vancouver. Under an updated proposal expected to be considered by the District of West Vancouver in coming weeks, the current 230 long term care suites at the outdated Inglewood residence will eventually expand to 360 in total.”

Building #3 in the complex will be reconfigured to house exclusively LTC units.