Newsletter – October 2021

Dear ADRA Member,
This Fall has been a busy time for ADRA Board members. You may have run into Elaine Fonseca and Neil Carroll in front of the West Vancouver Library speaking with residents about ADRA, discussing issues of local importance and encouraging ADRA membership. Look for us again in a few weeks time in Dundarave.

People often ask what ADRA’s position is on certain topics. There are many issues where we DO NOT take a stance. We recognize our members have varied viewpoints and encourage these viewpoints be heard. At the same time, ADRA directors work to provide as much information as possible to help in the decision making process.

ADRA’s goal is to inform and involve our membership on neighbourhood and issues of community importance.
• ADRA has taken positions on such matters as seeking to delay approval of developments ahead of Local Area Plans.
• ADRA opposed the DWV changing the terms of a trust of donated lands. (see Brissenden Park below).
• ADRA spent considerable time with staff from DWV seeking options from a community perspective for best land use of the 2195 Gordon Avenue property.
• ADRA has pushed for more community input (a referendum suggested) to determine if the community supports an Arts Centre.
• ADRA is not a political organization, but we do host All-Candidates meetings during Municipal elections for the educational benefit of membership.

At this time, I would like to advise that ADRA board member, Nigel Malkin, has stepped down from his board position to actively seek political office. We are grateful to Nigel for his significant contribution over the last three years. He will be missed.
We hope you will take the time and enjoy reading through the October newsletter. Your feedback is always welcome and very much appreciated.

Heather Mersey, President
Ambleside & Dundarave Residents Association


ADRA met with Cedardale Residents Association, MP Patrick Weiler, MLA Karin Kirkpatrick and Vancouver Coastal Health. We recognize that there is a decline in the number of beds available to WV residents with two health care centres closing. Residents have expressed concern with traffic and density in this location. The proposed development is coming ahead of the Local Area Plan for Taylor Way. The project will be reviewed by the Design Review Committee on October 21st at 4:30 pm.

2452 -2490 MARINE DRIVE (DUNDARAVE) – Mixed Use
This significant project was reviewed by the Design Review Committee on September 21, 2020. The committee identified a number of concerns to be addressed by the applicant. Feedback from residents on the initial proposal has not been positive. In spite of keen interest by residents to participate in the developer- led information meeting in October 2019, it seems that there is a gap in what residents visualized and what has materialized!
Another part of the redevelopment of this site has to do with the mural on the west wall of Shoppers Drug Mart (formerly Capers) “VANCOUVER 1792”. This mural was painted by artist Jim McKenzie in the late 1980’s. The original watercolor, created by Mr. McKenzie, was a gift to the City of Vancouver in commemoration of its centenary. ADRA has been in contact with Jim McKenzie who is very willing to work with the developer to somehow retain this part of West Vancouver’s historical inventory.
The picture is of two English and two Spanish ships anchored off Spanish Banks in 1792. Imagine, less than 100 years later Navvy Jack House was built on the Ambleside Waterfront.
ADRA will continue to follow the progress of this development.

photo courtesy of Mike Wakefield, WVHS

ADRA has long been asking when this LAP will be initiated. Until we have gone through the process, how can any development in the Village of Ambleside be approved? ADRA directors will continue their efforts in this direction.

1552 ESQUIMALT – Infill Rental Housing (139 Rental Units)
A revised application has been made changing from a 17 storey tower to two – seven storey buildings that would provide a total of 324 rental units. The existing 20 storey tower houses 185 rental units and the new buildings would provide an additional 139 rental units. There will be 324 parking stalls and bicycle storage.

On October 18th Council voted NOT TO SUPPORT this project. Four Councillors (Lambur, Soprovich, Thompson and Wong) voted against the project going forward. These Councillors want to see the Local Area Plan for Ambleside completed as a priority. The project does not have the support of area residents. (Full details on Council Video)

At a recent Council meeting, new Terms of Reference were approved for the Arts Facilities Advisory Committee (AFAC). The new committee will be appointed for a January 2022 start to guide the AFAC’s continuing work on the third phase of developing a consolidated arts facility. ADRA would like to see an economic feasibility study and to establish that there is, in fact, community wide support for the project. The next step would be site selection.

ADRA and local residents have been in contact with Engineering to discuss solutions to pedestrian safety at the Marine Drive and 15th Street intersection. The combination of high traffic volume and seniors attempting to cross with limited time has cause for concern. Our plan is to meet with an engineering representative at this intersection for “first hand” observations and discussion. Due to COVID, this meeting has been delayed.

You may recall that in July 2017, the DWV applied to the Supreme Court of British Columbia to vary the terms of the Brissenden Trust related to property at 2519 and 2539 Rosebery. The Trust dated back to 1987 when Noreen Brissenden (deceased) gifted the Rosebery properties to the DWV for use as a park. ADRA was opposed to breaking the terms of the trust in view of the precedent it would set for potential future land donations to the District of West Vancouver.

The Court permitted the DWV to vary the terms of the trust, which resulted in not one, but two Brissenden Parks, one being the northern portion of the Rosebery property. The southern portion of the Rosebery original property was allowed to be subdivided into housing with the proceeds used to assist in purchasing the 1444 and 1448 Argyle waterfront properties.
Highlights of the Court Order of June 29, 2020 included a designation of rental funds from the house on the Rosebery property to be assigned to a separate account for the purpose of improvement and maintenance of the two park areas. The Order further stipulated “There will be no buildings on the said lands” with the exception of minor structures limited to amenities typically contained in public parks. “Landscaping would be “appropriate to enhance the utility of the lands as park land, while maintaining views of the water”.

You may have enjoyed the creations of artists in three Ambleside locations. These works have been organized through the efforts of the Ambleside and Dundarave Business Improvement Association. The murals can be found at:

1583 Marine Drive – West Van Odeon

15th & Clyde – Heart of Ambleside

14th & Clyde – Frida Khalo

ADBIA plans on commissioning two or three more murals in 2022 as they have proven to be so popular.

Howe Sound has been designated Canada’s 19th UNESCO Biosphere covering 218,723 hectares of land and sea, encompassing the entire Howe Sound Watershed beginning near Point Atkinson in West Vancouver, running north to Black Tusk near Whistler and as far as Gower Point on the Sunshine Coast. This significant achievement was accomplished over a period of five years involving dedicated hard work, collaboration and consensus building. Further details:

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