The ordinary citizen CAN and MUST make a difference !

We MUST for the sake of our quality of life – and that of our children. We CAN by getting informed and involved.

At ADRA we strive to inform and involve our members so they may actively participate in community issues important to them.

We are a neighbourhood group of volunteers who work to

  • Ensure that development is part of an overall plan and does not negatively impact our enviable quality of life.
  • Support our independent shops and services that make our villages so unique. 
  • Protect the character of our neighbourhoods, (especially Ambleside & Dundarave) heritage assets and natural environment through policies of sensitive, citizen supported growth.
  • Maintain our community as safe and attractive.
  • Strive for a Local Area Plan that accurately reflects the values and vision of our citizens.
  • Ensure that costs are controlled to avoid/minimize tax increases.
  • Support authentic community engagement that allows the public to meaningful contribute shaping our community.

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