Newsletter – September 2021

Dear ADRA Members,

We hope you have enjoyed some of the beautiful summer days in our seaside community.  The natural beauty of West Vancouver attracts many visitors every day!  With everything that is happening in the world, nature has been a salvation for many.  

The September calendar is already filling with the start up of regular Council Meetings, a Federal election on September 20th and sadly, the return to COVID 19 protocols.  In spite of all human events, the Coho are getting ready to spawn and gathering near the mouth of the Capilano River.   Have you noticed how many people are fishing, especially at low tide?  It is a time to celebrate this amazing event. for more details




ADRA directors learned recently that the Mayor has removed the four citizen members and replaced them with Councillors.  The residents no longer have any representation on this Committee, one the governs our budget and finances.  Citizens comprised membership on this committee for many years.  It is within the Mayor’s jurisdiction to make these changes.


Another recent change to process at Municipal Hall is the email address to Mayor and Council will be replaced by
  This will be reviewed by staff and then directed as deemed appropriate.  You may still email the the mayor and council members at their individual email addresses. 


On July 26th, Council passed the proposed changes resulting from the two year study.  The changes are designed to protect neighbourhoods and preserve character while offering forms of gentle densification.
Reference had been made to project in 4700 block Marine, i.e. spot rezoning versus conforming to established neighbourhood.


Location for $40M Arts Centre?

There is still much controversy in our community over whether in fact the DWV can afford such a facility, let along where it should be situated.  The two key sites have been narrowed down to Ambleside Park locations, one being the Tennis Courts and the other the parking lot that hosts the weekly Farmers Market.  This has now gone from being an issue where the community has been involved to the Mayor’s decision to proceed with the process.  

The next Arts Facilities Advisory Committee meeting takes place at 2 pm on  Wednesday, September 8th.  Item 4 on the agenda is the Arts Facility Planning Update and Next Steps.  Public participation is through video conferencing.


The DWV advises a Development Permit has been applied for to redevelop (not rezone) the current site into 55 residential units and approximately 27300 of commercial space.  147 underground parking spaces will be available for building users.  Further information can be found at:

This development will go to the Design Review Committee and the Accessibility Committee on Disabilities this fall.


While not in our immediate area, ADRA members were surprised to find planters in the designated bike lanes at Horseshoe Bay.  The DWV advises this is only temporary, until the bike lanes can be integrated into the system. (Picture)


Proposed criteria

  1. Retail cannabis stores may not be located within a 100-metre distance from elementary and secondary schools
  2. A retail cannabis business may have a maximum eight-metre store frontage
  3. A maximum of one store to be permitted in each of the following town centres/commercial nodes:
    1. Ambleside Village Centre
    2. Horseshoe Bay Village Centre
    3. Dundarave Village Centre
    4. Park Royal North

These applications will be brought forward for Council consideration in fall 2021. (date to be determined)
There are currently 10 active applications for cannabis retail outlets in West Vancouver, 6 Ambleside and 1 in Dundarave and 3 elsewhere.

The addresses and links to the applications in Ambleside-Dundarave are below:  

1437 Clyde Avenue
1443 Clyde Avenue
1519 Clyde Avenue
1480 Marine Drive
1528 Marine Drive
1453 Bellevue Avenue
2433 Bellevue Avenue

Further information can be found at:


Construction is underway to make the area more wheelchair accessible and should be completed by Remembrance Day.  The District is constructing an accessible ramp immediately west of the cenotaph to provide barrier-free access to the cenotaph and the upper part of the park. The District has been in regular contact with the West Vancouver Legion and they are supportive and excited about the project.

The accessibility ramp will create barrier-free access for veterans and others who use wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids during the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony and at other times of the year. A section of the wall is being removed so the ramp can be built next to the cenotaph, allowing people with mobility aids to get as close as possible to visit the cenotaph and lay wreaths during the ceremony.

This project has received a grant from Employment and Social Development Canada through their Enabling Accessibility Fund. 

Construction of the ramp will take place from August to November 2021.