Ambleside Dundarave Ratepayers Association


The Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers’ Association (ADRA), a legally constituted society run entirely by volunteers. We strive to inform and involve our members so they may better influence important issues in their community.

Our enviable quality of life is something we wish to maintain, enhance and share.


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A new newspaper, providing alternative political content is now being published on the North Shore.  The Global Canadian is a free publication available in newspaper boxes, coffee shops as well as the Library and Seniors Centre. The January 15-31 edition included many interesting points of view from many different North Shore groups including the one below by by ADRA president Scenery Slater.  We invite you use the  “share” and “like” buttons included in the below link.



Province Should Follow California’s Example  (Vancouver Sun, November 7, 2018 p. A7)


Condominium Towers Have Changed Metro Forever (Vancouver Sun, Oct. 20, 2018 p. H3)


False Creek proven model for affordable living (Vancouver Sun, Oct. 20, 2018 p. H3)


Don’t Zone Out – Vote  (Vancouver Sun, October 9, 2018, p. A10)
-discusses the shift from livability to growth link)


The Ups and Downs of Highrise Living (Vancouver Sun, October 6, 2018  p. A9-10)
-discusses pros and cons of highrise living for various demographics


North Shore needs LRT now (North Shore News, Oct. 5, 2018, p A1) 
-discusses transportation issues on the North Shore


Council Candidates Debate West Van’s Future (North Shore News, Oct. 5, 2018, p. A5)
-reports on All Candidate Meeting for Council on Oct. 3


West Van Considers Building Subsidized Housing for Workforce (Vancouver Province,Oct. 3, 2018 website )    -discusses provision of housing for local civil servants


How Taxes Compare Across Metro (Vancouver Sun, September 29, 2018, P. 10)
-compares property taxes in Metro


Daphne Bramham:  As Small Businesses Struggle, Sim Fears For Heart, Soul of CIty  (Vancouver Sun, September 28, 2018, p. A3)
-how density and zoning affect small business


Duplex zoning is just one way city is Making Room  (Vancouver Sun, September 28, 2018 p. A11)  -discusses influence of zoning on property values and density

Gil Kelley: Duplex zoning is just the start of city-wide planning process


Duplexes may not Improve Affordability  (Vancouver Sun,  September 22, 2018 p. A-14)
-discusses influence of zoning on property values and density      


Fixing Affordability:  Mayoral Candidates in Burnaby, Vancouver and on the North Shore have plenty of ideas (Vancouver Sun, September 22, 2018 P. A-12-13)
-discusses solutions to  housing affordability


Livability Must Not be Forgotten in the Civic Debates About Housing (Vancouver Sun, September 19, 2018 p. A1-A2)    -discusses housing affordability and livability


Growth and Affordability  (Vancouver Sun,  Sept 15, 2018, p. B2)

-discusses the disconnect between growth and affordability.


Vancouver City Hall is slamming through destructive new zoning without giving citizens a say  (Vancouver Sun, September 14, 2018)
-relationship between zoning, density, transportation and livability


Growing Supply Making Homes Less Affordable (Vancouver Sun, Sept. 1, 2018 P B2)
-older, more affordable character homes replaced with more expensive new construction


Rebellion in the Neighbouhood  (Global Canadian Feb 19, 2018)
-discusses growth in West Vancouver