We will continue to updte you on the traffic situation in WV District in the weeks to come (see the ‘HOT TOPICS’ tab. The problem hot spots include the entrance to Ambleside park (and an epidemic of ‘Bump-Outs’ at various corners – making a driver’s life a dangerous nightmare..

But not to be outdone by “Wacky West Van Engineering” the cyclists have got in on the action with a project called “Slow Streets”. (which already seems to be the situation on Marine Dr. !)

Read the article by Ray Richards – below:-

Did you know there is now a SLOW STREET in West Van?   Do you know what a Slow Street is?

Apparently it is a street to be used only by Local Traffic and where vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians are going to share the roadway while sidewalks are reserved for only pedestrians.
Yes, there are signs that suddenly appeared along the middle of Bellevue Avenue from 18th Street to 25th Street stating this. 

Was this an arbitrary designation by the Mayor and Council without a Bylaw or was it an action by Staff setting a new bicycle route through Dundarave?  I live one-half block from Bellevue and have friends who live along Bellevue. None of us heard a thing about it until the signs suddenly appeared.
What is a Slow Street?  Apparently it is one that bicycles can go along as fast as they can without stopping at stop signs, pedestrians can walk in the roadway at any time, and car drivers must go slow to avoid both bicycles and pedestrians. 

Why Bellevue from 18th to 25th when the Seawalk, exclusively pedestrian, is adjacent to Bellevue and Marine Drive, with a wide sidewalk, is also adjacent  to Bellevue?  And what is Local Traffic? 

To my friends and me this is another arrogant action by the District who not only did not consult nearby residents but didn’t even think to inform them of the pending change.

The Mayor says they need so many communications staff to communicate with us.
Ray Richards