Arts Facility – Survey

ADRA conducted a survey in late October to find out the opinions of residents of West Vancouver with regard to the Arts Centre Facility proposed by the municipality.

Analyzing the 121 responses received they showed a strong reluctance to accept the notion that the district (DWV) should undertake major projects with significant financial implications in 2021.

Likewise, a message was sent from a similar majority (0ver 85%) that an Arts Centre should not comprise a major project in the coming year.

To an even stronger degree, residents felt that, if the district, in spite of public opinion, proceeded with the Centre, funding should be met by private donation rather than an increase to the tax burden of residents.

With the realization in mind that the district might well proceed, regardless of residents’ opinions, the preferred (or least objectionable) location for it (from a selection of 3) should be north of Marine Drive – outside of the Ambleside Park area.