Newsletter – February 2021

Dear ADRA Member,

In the best interests of your time, we are sending Part 1 of our February newsletter as there are two, time sensitive items which require your action.  One relates to the 2021 Budget and the other to a potential rezoning at 1763 Bellevue, outside of the Ambleside Town Centre Local Area Plan. 

ACTION ITEM:  2021 PROPOSED BUDGET:  Do You Support a 5.2% Increase?

The Budget will be coming to Council for consideration on MONDAY, MARCH 8TH.  If you have not done so, there is still time to make your views known to Mayor and Council either by email or phone calls.  ADRA sent a detailed letter on the budget on February 4th. 

Our main concern is the economic reality that faces the taxpayer, i.e. YOU!  Is this a time when the Municipal Budget should be expanding beyond inflation, that we should be adding staff (the major portion of DWV budget), that we should be moving ahead with any new projects, i.e. Arts Centre.

In these difficult and challenging times, we do not consider a 5.2% increase appropriate.  
This is a time to focus on core services delivery and essentials.  Not a time to be pursuing major NEW strategic objectives.

Please read  the letter (on the right-side-panel) from ADRA to Mayor and Council for full details.

Email /Call to Mayor & Council

[email protected]
Councillor Craig Cameron  [email protected]      604-828-0805
Councillor Nora Gambioli   [email protected]       604-653-8823
Councillor Peter Lambur    [email protected]       604-644-1769
Councillor Bill Soprovich   [email protected]   604-561-3219
Councillor Sharon Thompson    [email protected]       604-209-4621
Councillor Marcus Wong     [email protected]        604-219-0064
Mayor Mary-Ann Booth     [email protected]       604-925-7000

ACTION ITEM:  MASONIC HALL SITE – 1763 Bellevue Avenue

This item will be coming to Council on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND.  
Council has the option of letting it proceed to a preliminary development proposal now OR to not consider rezoning 1763 Bellevue until the completion of the Ambleside Town Centre Local Area Plan.  ADRA Directors DO NOT SUPPORT REZONING NOW BUT TO WAIT UNTIL THE COMPLETION OF THE AMBLESIDE TOWN CENTRE LOCAL AREA PLAN.

Email/call to Mayor and Council  (addresses above) 

Why should this project be allowed to proceed ahead of the Local Area Plan (LAP) yet to be developed for Ambleside?  There is no significant community benefit to warrant this step.  It would set a precedent for development in this area ahead of the LAP.  
 Staff have concerns with the density, building width, parking functionality, number and size of rental units and the potential inclusion of community facility space.


This is an opportunity to provide your input into the proposed plan for Horseshoe Bay Village, to add density, housing and retail space.  What is your vision for this unique community in West Vancouver?