Arts Facility Plan

Please click the link below to see the October 1st update to the Arts Facility Planning document


Here is a recap of the AFAC Meeting with WVD held (16th Oct.) by Judy Chalmers of ADRA :

Site Identification

The sites that were identified were on the list ONLY because they are District owned properties.  There would be criteria that would need to be met so they were on the list because they were considered but some would not be an option

The criteria that the committee members evaluated each site on ( a scale of 1-5) were:

-Connectivity with Arts and Culture Community
-Placemaking / Destination Ability
-Functional Appropriateness
-Pedestrian/Vehicle/Public Transit Access
-Economic Connectivity
-Future Flexibility
-Parking and Loading
-Neighbourhood Enhancement
-Alignment with District’s Planning and Policy
-Development Timing
-Development Complexity
-Financial Efficiency

At the next meeting ( October 30 ) Cornerstone Consultants will present  and review the site analysis findings.

The District owned sites are:

  • Ambleside Field H
  • Ambleside Tennis Courts
  • 3 sites adjacent to the Ferry Building
  • Music Box and Silk Purse
  • John Lawson Park parking lot
  • Lawn Bowling site
  • S.A. C
  • Art Museum
  • Lots adjacent (east) of the fire hall
  • Library Parking Lot
  • Gordon House
  • Dundarave Park

    Keep in mind theses are ONLY IDENTIFIED as they are District owned properties, and may NOT even be considered as options due to MANY factors! For example: a site would be considered but has not been discussed, or is not an option…using the Library and Lawn Bowling, Dundarave Park as examples. There will also be private property options identified at a later date.

    Site size analysis was presented for the two options ( 1 or 2 buildings ) which was:
  • 1 storey with surface parking
  • 1 storey with underground parking
  • 2 storeys with surface parking
  • 2 storeys with underground parking

    Future AFAC meeting timeline
  • October 30 – review site analysis findings to draft a report
  • November 13 – review draft report        – develop community workshop material
  • November 20 – Community Workshop with stakeholders
    At this workshop the top 3 sites would be presented with massing models, land values, and cost to build.  At the public Q&A I asked if it would  be possible for an estimated build time-frame also.
    A possible date for presentation to Council would be end of January.

    With regards to Klee Wyck:  there is a Sub Committee to determine the short term and long term plans for that site.