Newsletter – June 2020

Dear ADRA members,

While our new mantra has been social isolation and physical distancing, ADRA directors have continued to meet through video conferencing, give input to Mayor and Council on important matters and attend meetings when safely practical. 

Heather Mersey

The following is a summary of ADRA’s community actions:BUDGET – PASSED – April 27, 2020 – ADRA lobbied extensively for a zero percent increase at the Municipal level given the severe economic situation caused by the COVID19 pandemic. 

Municipal costs have continued to steadily rise over the past years while DWV population has remained relatively unchanged.  Council passed a 2% budget increase this year in spite of concerns expressed by ADRA and other DWV residents.   Additional tax levies were assessed through the  Provincial School Tax, Translink, BC Assessment Authority and the Greater Vancouver Regional District.   At the same time as these tax increases are being belt,  large and small businesses have closed, individuals have seriously depleted or no income. 

There has never been a greater time for fiscal restraint at the Municipal level.  ADRA will continue our efforts in this regard.  

STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-2021 -May 25,2020  Council formally adopted the Goals and Objectives, Major Project Priorities and Processes as the Strategic Plan for 2020-2021.    The plan lists six major objectives.  ADRA’s letter to Council asked for a financial component to be linked to each Objective (where possible)  and to identify source of funding, ie Community Amenity Contributions (CACs), general revenues, public-private partnerships, etc.   

NEW CAO FOR WEST VANCOUVER –  Effective July 6, 2020  Robert Bartlett will replace retiring CAO Nina Leemhuis.  Mr. Bartlett comes from the City of Vancouver where he was Chief Risk Officer and Director of Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity and Compliance.  Mr. Bartlett has 20 years of experience at all levels in the public sector.  For further details please visit 

PUBLIC HEARING DATES/REZONING APPLICATIONS:      Two significant projects will be  considered by Mayor and Council in the next few weeks.  ADRA will prepare a separate email on each project to inform and involve ADRA members. 

752 MARINE DRIVE (Former White Spot Site/Park Royal) –  2ND PUBLIC HEARING -TUESDAY, JUNE 23RD – 7PM – MUNICIPAL HALL.   The applicant is requesting an additional five storeys on each of the two buildings.  This first public hearing on this project took play in May 2018 at which time two buildings were approved at 11 and 14 storeys.  Community Amenity Contributions in the amount of $21,314,460.00 have been decided. 

2195 GORDON AVENUE – PUBLIC HEARING – TUESDAY, JULY 14TH – 6 PM – MUNICIPAL HALL The proposed rezoning of this District owned site (1.76 acres) would allow for the construction of a mid-rise multi-family development,  including non-market rental housing and an adult day services facility. Prior to the Public Hearing, a Proposed Development Information Meeting will be held on June 24, 2020 at 4–7 p.m. in the West Vancouver Ice Arena to provide further information on the proposal. In order to comply with the orders of the Provincial Health Officer, attendees must RSVP in advance for one of three time slots: 4–5 p.m., 5–6 p.m. or 6–7 p.m. via email to

COMMUNITY EVENTS:AMBLESIDE MARKET Every Sunday until October 25, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Located in the parking lot at Ambleside Park. COVID 19 restrictions are in place .LOCAL VOICES:  HERITAGE & NEIGHBOURHOOD CHARACTER  (on-line)Wednesday, June 17, 2020 @ 7 pmAs we spend more time at home, the character of our neighbourhoods become more important than ever.  “Explore the role of heritage in defining the character of our neighbourhoods and community we call home.” 

For more information wvhs.caRegister: can also find on YouTube channels of the West Vancouver Historical Society and the West Vancouver Memorial Library

Stay safe and take time to enjoy the natural beauty of our seaside communities!

Heather Mersey,
President – on behalf ofADRA Directors