Newsletter – April 2020

ADRA Newsletter – April 2, 2020

Dear ADRA Member,

It seems a short time ago ADRA was celebrating 40 years of community service,

hearing first-hand of the differences citizens made in their communities, enjoying  birthday cake, raising a glass of wine. All in the good company of many ADRA members, elected officials and representatives from other WV neighbourhood associations.  A sweet memory of us all singing Happy Birthday to a lovely piano accompaniment.    How times have changed with the arrival of  “COVID-19”.  


ADRA supports all efforts and edicts the DWV has declared to contain COVID-19.  The DWV continues to update its website as well as offering support to residents as follows:

DWV website:

WV Seniors’ Centre: Food services daily  from 10 am to 2 pm. Please call 604-925-7280 for more information.   . 8am-8pm Monday through Thursday  

                                  8am-6:30 Friday 

                                  8am-4:30 Saturday and Sunday

WV Memorial Library: Online    Telephone  604-925-7400  

Supporting each other, where and when we can.

Supporting our local businesses.  Check the ADRA website for a list of various options for take-out food, hardware and groceries.  If you know of others, please email the information:

Supporting our community organizations.  The West Vancouver Legion, with 90 years of community service, needs financial support. The Legion has had to close its doors because of COVID-19. Please watch the U-tube video. Consider a donation.


On February 13th, ADRA held its Annual General Meeting and elected the following ten directors: 

Heather Mersey, President            Judy Chalmers, Vice-President

Ray Richards, Treasurer                   Sandi Leidl, Secretary

Trudy Adair                                         Neil Carroll

Christine Cassidy                               Elaine Fonseca

Graham McIsaac                                Nigel Malkin

A special resolution was unanimously passed to change our official name to :

AMBLESIDE AND DUNDARAVE RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION.  This update was done to better reflect the make-up of ADRA membership, to be more inclusive.

Guest speaker,  Paul Hundal, lawyer and conservationist, spoke on the importance of maintaining green spaces in perpetuity, with particular reference to the Upper Lands area around Nelson Creek and Brothers Creek.


 ADRA directors Graham McIsaac, Neil Carroll and Nigel Malkin worked on the proposed 2020 Budget beginning in January. These directors attended and participated in information meetings, wrote letters to newspapers, organized meetings with Councillors all in an effort to reduce the proposed 6.11% property tax increase.   Specific areas were targeted to indicate where the WVD could reduce the tax increase. On March 9th, Council approved a preliminary property tax increase of 4.35%. 

Following this timeframe,  COVID-19 was spreading across the globe. Economic side affects were being felt. In response to this pandemic and Local State of Emergency declared by DWV,  ADRA directors convened a special meeting, through video conferencing, in response to the pandemic and declared Local State of Emergency. Directors agreed that the DWV needed to take serious action to reduce DWV expenses for the foreseeable future.  ADRA’s letter of March 25th was sent to Mayor and Council (copy sent to ADRA members) with 11 points for a zero per cent increase in the proposed budget. 

On March 30th, prior to the Council meeting on the budget, ADRA directors telephoned or emailed  Mayor and Council to specifically emphasize that the Budget be delayed and rewritten for a post COVID-19 economy. Later that evening,  Council voted unanimously to move the  budget approval to APRIL 20TH. 

The DWV is currently preparing a financial document that will respond  to a post COVID-19 economy. The document should be available in approximately ten days according to CAO Nina Leemhuis.   In the meantime the DWV has laid off employees, cancelled programs and closed facilities. DWV will be covering essential services only for the next 3-6 months such as water, sewer, garbage and Blue Bus services.


ADRA director, Judy Chalmers has been attending many of the Committee and Council meetings on this matter.  Highlights of Cornerstone Consultants’ presentation to Council on March 9th identified three top sites on public land with estimated costs:

Ambleside Park – Tennis Courts            $38,087,000

Ambleside Park – H Field                       $34,798,000

Ambleside Park South/Parking Lot        $34, 291,000

Public and private sites were considered as were the option of one or two buildings.

To view the full report of approximately 168 pages visit  Public consultation  is on hold until further notice.


ADRA directors will continue to meet through video conferencing.  Our immediate focus will be the Budget and doing what we can to help get through the COVID-19 crisis.  Every effort will be made to keep ADRA members informed and involved through these challenging times.

                                                 R E M E M B E R ….

Physical distancing. Wash your hands.  Don’t touch your face. Stay home.

                                     STAY APART  – TOGETHER! 


      ADRA MEMBERSHIP 2020 RENEWAL:     $10 Annual Fee

Please send your cheque to:  ADRA

                                                    2336 Marine Drive,

                                                     West Vancouver BC  V7V 1K8

*Consider a donation!