If YOU don’t take action, who will? 

Write to Mayor and Council:

These letters become part of public record. If you do not want your name redacted (blanked out) tell them or they will do so automatically. We recommend NOT redacting your name. It better allows like-minded citizens to unite!

Please note – you may wish ALSO send a message to each councillor individually. This allows them to REPLY. Individual councillors often have very different views of issues.

Phone and/or meet with Mayor and each Councillor individually:

Note that these individual correspondence items DO NOT become part of public record. However, you do have the option of sending a c.c. copy to the above address (mayor and council) if you wish it to be recorded publicly. We also ask you consider sending a c.c. copy to ADRA. We always want to know the opinions of our members.

Mayor Mary-Ann Booth
(604) 340-8490

Councillor Craig Cameron
(604) 828-0805

Councillor Nora Gambioli
(604) 653-8823

Councillor Peter Lambur
(604) 312-7856

Councillor Bill Soprovich
(604) 561-3219

Councillor Sharon Thompson
(604) 209-4621

Councillor Marcus Wong
(604) 219-0064

Tell EACH of them your views. They don’t all think alike, it is probably more important to talk with the ones that don’t think your way than the ones that do! Don’t assume anything. Tell them specifically what you want them to do. Don’t tell yourself they don’t want to hear from you. They’ve been elected to hear and represent you! We just assume that developers and big business has “the ear” of Municipal Hall – but YOU won’t unless you talk to them……just as often!

Meet with district staff:

A large list of staff and departments are listed on the District website under “contact us”, but here are a few important ones:

Jim Bailey, Director of Planning and Development
(604) 925-7058

Proposed developments, zoning and Official Community Plan (OCP) changes are probably the most contentious issues for residents. Let’s make sure the “C” in OCP really is community – that’s YOU!

Chief Administrative Officer, Nina Leemhuis
(604) 925-7002

The C.A.O. is like the pinch point in the hour-glass with elected officials on one side and municipal staff on the other. There is probably nobody else with more influence in the municipality.

Kristi Merilees, Manager, Community Relations
(604) 925-7008

This is the place to go if you need information. If Ms. Merilees does not have the answer she can sure find out whom you DO need to talk to.

Write letters to the editor of the North Shore News and other media.

Letters to the editor must include your name, full address and telephone number so they can confirm you have written it.

Attend public meetings, hearings and council meetings.

Council meeting agendas are found on the District website. ADRA periodically emails members to advise them when there are important issues on the agenda. You can also watch them on local cable. The video recording of the meeting is posted on the district website a few days after the meeting.

Speak at a Council meeting. Each one has a Public Question Period (PQP) and you have three minutes to speak unfettered. You state your name and address before you speak. If you are speaking on behalf of a group (i.e. a Strata council member speaking for an apartment building) you should clearly state how many people you are speaking for.

It is handy to have a written copies of your speaking notes to provide to the district clerk for inclusion in records. In many cases, reporters from local media are in attendance. They may appreciate a copy of your speaking notes too.

You may use pictures or handouts – but bear in mind you will be limited to three minutes.

Apply for a delegation where a group of you may have an audience at a council meeting. This lets you have a longer presentation, Often groups use slides and handouts for Council.

Keep informed! – Talk to your friends and neighbours about local issues. Check the District Website for information about council agenda items etc.  (Note – in many cases clicking on a “blue” agenda item will link you to a related report).

Join ADRA or any other neighbourhood or community association that reflects your views. ADRA is made up of regular citizen volunteers and depends on (our low) membership fee to fund activities to inform and involve residents in issues that impact their community.