Ambleside Dundarave Ratepayers Association


The Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers’ Association (ADRA), is a legally constituted society run entirely by volunteers. We strive to inform and involve our members so they may better influence important issues in their community. Our enviable quality of life is something we wish to maintain, enhance and share.

ADRA is the oldest and largest neighbourhood association in West Vancouver and is run entirely by volunteers who collaborate to:

  • educate, alert and inspire members to actively participate in local issues.
  • provide history and context of issues.
  • advocate for transparent, democratic processes.
  • network with a variety of community groups, organizations and contacts.
  • assist members navigate municipal hall departments, committees, processes.
  • help individuals and communities exert their democratic influence.


  • ensure any changes/developments are in the best interests of current residents.
  • maintain our parklike residential character through policies of sensitive, resident-supported growth.
  • define and protect the village-like character of our neighborhoods and heritage assets.
  • preserve our creeks, foreshore and natural environment.
  • retain policies of acquisition of waterfront properties for park use.
  • establish viable traffic patterns for pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles in commercial, residential and school areas; enhance pedestrian environment.
  • contain commercial development within present limits, specifically setback and building heights. and exclude industrial development.
  • support creative solutions to traffic and parking which recognize the interests of area residents and businesses.
  • ensure costs are controlled to avoid/minimize tax increases.
  • support all actions and policies set by Council that benefit the interests of the residents.